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[For 1.8] Selenium - Dark Modern Theme
Is it possible to turn it from Red & Black to Red & White?
Yes, in the stylesheets. Could be a lot of work, wherever you have text you would have to change the font colours as well.
What goes around comes around
Is it possible to line up Threads and Posts? On my forums it's all uneven and it's really bugging me.
This is a great theme, and I only have one small issue with it.

When viewed in a small (even moderate) resolution, a nasty grey bar appears on the right of the screen.

Any ideas?

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OMg aweeeeeeesome better than mybb it's self
(2016-06-01, 11:28 AM)jackdlm Wrote: Absolutely loving this theme right now! I was wondering if anybody may be able to help with these two things:

1. Better performance on mobile devices - is there a mobile version of MyBB? This theme is wonderful on desktop but it doesn't display right on a mobile and people cannot post etc.

2. The new post icons, the 3/4 circles, is there anyway to change these to images? I love how this theme uses next to no images, but I'm looking to customise these circles themselves.

Thanks again, this theme rocks!

1- get cloudflare.
Hello! Great work! Im new to mybb and everything here.
How to change logo(lightning) and text "Selenium". Thanks for the answers!

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