Not Solved [Security] Gaining administrative privileges?
Not Solved
Hi all,

I am a moderator on a forum; however, I am nothing more than that.  I've contacted the Administrator about getting more abilities to control who can post, who can join, etc, but to no avail.  He hasn't responded to my messages.

The forum is a good forum, and very helpful to people in my trade.  However, it's inundated with spam posts by people that simply register and post.  I want to have more control than simply deleting the multitude of posts and banning people after the fact.

Can anyone help me out?  Any ideas on what I can do?  Not sure if it's a lost cause, or just need to hope that the administrator gets my message, and acts?

Thanks for any help.
Not Solved

Unfortunately all that you can do is wait and hope that the administrator will take some kind of action. Moderators have the power to clean up after spam, but can't really do much else to prevent it.

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