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[Hiring] Looking to hire MyBB coder for plugins
I run a fairly large website based on gaming and am in need of some plugins to be coded. We are willing to pay you based on the plugin. If you are interested, please reply.

Here are some of the plugs in we are looking for:
- Customer Support
- Subscription based membership (members are in a certain group allowing them extra privileges until subscription runs out)
- Portal with streaming video platform (May be a bit too advanced for this)
- Notifications
- Activity Feed (Shows users recent activity on profile)

You do not need to be able to do all of these, if you can do just one, please reply.
Good luck finding devs. Just wanted to link you to a couple pre-made plugins that might work for you.

Be sure to verify they're compatible with the MyBB version you're using as I haven't personally used any of these mods.

Subscription based membership:

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