Not Solved PORTAL: Only show announcements and not all threads?
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I'm wondering if there's an option or addon to make it so the portal only pulls announcement posts (what you create in admin menu) instead of all threads.

I'm also wondering if there is a way to make certain posts appear on the portal from a subforum (for example if a user makes a good post you can make it appear on the portal).

I currently have it set to all posts from a certain sub-forum show but I would also like to include posts from other sub-forums but not every post.

Any help is greatly appreciated
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You will need a new plugin to show announcements instead of/along with threads. Try OUGC Show In Portal for the rest.
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Thanks! OUGC portal would be sufficient (announcements was just a work around I was looking for but I wouldn't need that now) but sadly that plugin doesn't seem to work (portal shows as blank, even after adding a thread to it))

Edit: I just noticed you appear to be the creator, I replied in the plugin thread but would you have any idea what is causing the blank portal. I even tried it with original default theme and it's still showing blank.

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