Not Solved Tried Everything.. usergroup won't update..
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Hi guys so I'm trying to upgrade from usergroup 'Power 2' to 'Power 3'.

Power 3 Promotion info.
[Image: h_1463437368_1437270_fccd972879.png]
[Image: h_1463437416_2238254_54bad996da.png]

Power 3 group info.
[Image: h_1463437462_2823109_74c4f2011b.png]

User who should be upgraded from Power 2 to 3 meets requirements.
[Image: h_1463437499_4748916_0240ba6dc9.png]
[Image: h_1463437590_4043434_57956d18c3.png]

I've also tried running cron task to upgrade users but it won't work.. someone please help.

comon somone?
Not Solved
Try it in a fresh install. In my forum we use rich promotion system and it works fine (2 years without any issue, latest MyBB)
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