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[For 1.8] Minecraft Connect 0.7.1
Minecraft Connect will let you login to your MyBB forum with your Minecraft/Mojang account details! All you need to do is add link your Minecraft account to your MyBB account in the UserCP and then you're good to go! Registration with Minecraft planned for future release.

Please donate so I can keep making plugins!

  • MyBB 1.8.* (tested on vanilla 1.8.6)
  • PHP >= 5.3
  • cURL enabled with SSL
  • Valid CA root certificate bundle on your server.  This is to secure our connection to Mojang and block Man-in-the-Middle attacks. View installation section below if you think you need to install one.
Unzip the file into your MyBB root directory. Install from ACP as you would any other plugin.
** If the plugin installs correctly you have cURL set up properly!!! This means you don't have to wory about the next installation step!! **

Installation (add new CA cert bundle):
Again, if the plugin installed correctly with no errors then you most likely do not need to worry about this part. Most servers should come with a Certificate Authority cert bundle of some kind pre-installed but if yours doesn't all you need to do is go to this link and copy everything in that file, save it on your server as cacert.pem somewhere that php can access. Then open your php.ini file and add 
, (change PATH/TO to your actual absolute path to the file) save and restart your server and you should be good to go. If you can't figure it out post in here or a support thread, or honestly just do a simple Google search and it should be pretty straightforward.

  1. Login with your MyBB info like normal.
  2. Go to UserCP and click the Minecraft Connect link (try clearing your cache, it make take a minute or two to show up)
  3. Link your Minecraft account
  4. Once your MC account is successfully linked you can log out and log in freely with your MC info
  5. Revisit the UserCP tab if you wish to unlink your account at any time

Credit to [email protected] for making the initial MCAuth wrapper.

Please report any bugs in the plugin support forum or this plugin's release thread. Screenshots available on the download page!

Hope you all enjoy!
My Plugins: [1.8]|[1.6]

** Selling custom plugin that enables Bitcoin payments. PM me if interested in purchasing! **
- Registration with Minecraft will be added in 1.0.

**Placeholder for other planned features as I determine what they are**
My Plugins: [1.8]|[1.6]

** Selling custom plugin that enables Bitcoin payments. PM me if interested in purchasing! **
Hello. I have an issue with this plugin. it fails to install due to cUrl being not properly set up. However, I contacted the admin of the host I am using (infinityfree) and told about the issue, and he told me that cUrl was properly setup and this is caused by a bug in the plugin's code:

Any possibilities that you may fix this?

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