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Hi there,

I keep getting the error message "Invalid administration settings" when I try to access the Admin CP despite the fact I'm the only member as I've only just set the site up. I was in and out of the Admin area all of yesterday but now it's not letting me in for some reason.

Every now and then it will let me in to the home page but if I try and click on 'Configuration' for example it will take me back to this screen:

[Image: v42ZKgw.png]

I've tried a number of passwords and have even tried changing the username to 'admin' but nothing I try seems to work.

Many thanks
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what is your forum url ? see MyBB login faq
Not Solved

I think this is likely down to the cookie configuration but how do I get to the Configuration page to amend it? Is there a way of resetting it?
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board url & cookie domain can be first set in ~/inc/settings.php file
and then at Site Details of Configuration section in forum admin panel.
Quote:board url =>
cookie domain =>

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