Not Solved [General] Ajax Chat bbcode color doesn't work
Not Solved
I installed various ajax chat (v0.8.8) on MyBB (v1.8.7) and I customized them to my needs. The problem is now I realized that everytime I try to change the text color of a message in any of the chats with the tags , the message comes out with its normal color and the closing tag [/color] (without the opening one). Curious thing is I tried installing a default ajax chat with no changes, cleared browser cache and then, after logging into the forum, I logged in the default ajax chat and the color worked. As a matter of fact, after using the color tags in that chat, I tried using them also in the customized chats and the color worked there too. I cleared the cache again and as first thing after logging in MyBB I logged in one of the customized chat. Result: color tags didn't work there and didn't work either in the default one.
Long story short, to make the color work I have to visit the default chat beforehand and then the others.

How do I make the color work in every chat without recurring to this dumb solution?

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