Donation Plugin Request [Paying]

If any of you are familiar with IP.Board then you may have heard of DevFuse, these guys have a nice plugin for IP.Board that handles donations towards a community. In short I'm wondering if anybody would be interested in creating a MyBB equivalent? I'm unsure of the general price this would go for so instead I'll ask you to give me a quote and eta if you're interested in doing this.

Link to Plugin in question: DevFuse Donations

To take a look at this plugin in action on a live forum you can take a look at

I'm not asking for an exact replica of this plugin either, what I'd like it to contain is the following:
  • A widget design to perhaps fit on the portal page with title i.e *date - donations* etc, small text box to place a description in, a bar relative to the amount donated towards a set goal followed by a 'Donate' button that will take you to the main donation page.
  • PayPal integration is all I'm interested in for now.
  • Main Donation page should let user enter a custom amount they wish to donate rather than staff setting up pre made packages with the ability to set up a minimal amount allowed.
  • Once a user donates they should have a set group added as an additional group, so they keep their original group and gain a new one.
  • Finally a separate page almost like a member list that simply shows the users that donated along with the date they donated and amount they donated.
If anybody's interested in this please reply or pm me a quote and we can talk about getting this started. Also I'm not that bothered if the configuration for this is in admincp or simply config files that I'd have to edit.

If this is posted in the wrong section or I have accidently broken any rules regarding these type of posts I apologise and will rectify any issues with the post asap.

You may have a better chance paying for additions to that plugin.
(2016-05-27, 04:28 AM)Omar G. Wrote:

You may have a better chance paying for additions to that plugin.

I'll take a look when I can however that website is telling me that I've already tried to register from my IP in the last 24 hours for some reason so I'll have to wait until it lets me create an account.

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