Not Solved No user passwords after importing from phpBB3 with Mergetool 1.8.7
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Hello guys!
I have about 8k users on my old forum and we are changing to MyBB!

After running mergetool, no passwords exist. Can't login.

Login Password Conversion (1.4.1) is installed and active.
I have newest mergetool and myBB (1.8.7).
I want to avoid resetting all passwords.

1. I am working with PHP full time since few years now, but what is this module is for? I just don't know how it supposed to work with mergetool?

2. Anyone tried to change passwords by some script?

3. Is it some module that allows using passwords hashed by phpBB?
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passwords are expected to work after the merge.
last year I tested conversion of a medium sized phpBB3 forum & passwords worked fine after the merge.

users can reset passwords through e-mail

login convert plugin takes care of passwords conversion from source forum (eg. phpBB3) to MyBB
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Thanks for the reply.

Actually it works, the question is - it uses old db to check if password is valid or old online engine?

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