Help: Spam complaints from my account!

Today, I received the following complaint from my hosting provider:

We have received complaints that your authenticated email account, [email protected] is being used to relay spam email.

I have suspended the email account until you can check on this and respond to the complaint. Please let us know why your account is sending high volumes of email to / from gmail accounts and how you plan to stop it.

The emails are being relayed through gmail using a valid email account login from your site and are being sent out to other gmail accounts.

Can someone please explain what this means? Does this have anything to do with Mybb? Could a registered user or a bot spam other users by misusing the feature that allows users to send emails to other users? I don’t see anything in my User Email Logs! I have set 'Can send threads to friends and email users? to 'No'. Now users will not be able to send emails to each other.

Bwt, I’m using the latest version of mybb!  

Thanks in advance.

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