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Hide the version number in future software updates.
I know I've been having a lot of suggestions lately, so please don't hate me for it Toungue

Anyways, after seeing all the recents hackings of boards that run phpBB, the developers ultimately decided to hide the version number in all future software updates. This way, only the main administrator would know what version the software was running. After all, why should it matter to anyone else?

With this in mind, I think with the release of Gold (assuming it's the next major release), MyBB should no longer display the version number. Instead of saying, "Powered by: MyBB Gold," why not just say "Powered by: MyBB?" (Obviously, this would be up to Chris.) I know MyBB hasn't been hacked yet, but as good as the software is shaping up to be, that doesn't mean it never will be, or at least targeted. But if the version number was to be hidden right from the start, wouldn't it become that much harder to hack the software? Just a thought...
Yeah, I think the idea about the board shutting down w/o a copyright is a good idea. But what if you buy a license to remove the copyright? Wouldn't there have to be two seperate software downloads, then?

I don't really care much about having a small copyright, though it would be nice to choose between various versions. I think just so long as the version number isn't publically displayed, all is well.

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