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Luna is an increasingly popular forum script (well, I think it is, anyway).

It is also, however, a fork of FluxBB, meaning that much of its database schema is nearly identical, besides the addition of things added since the fork (such as per-forum accent colors. There is also a direct upgrade path from FluxBB to Luna). With that in mind, I tried using the FluxBB plugin (my DB uses FluxBB prefixes too) to try and import it, but noticed that it didn't work.

One thing I noticed is that there is slight change in nomeclature between Luna and FluxBB; for example FluxBB's schema uses topic, but Luna uses thread, as well as comment and post]. There's other minor wording differences too. I'm trying to do so too, but if anyone else would like to poke around and experiment, this is the FluxBB 1.5 structure in comparison.

edit: Okay, I got close. My roadblock right now is posts. I changed the olddb queries to point to the comments table, but I may or may not have missed something because whenever I try to run it, it said it was still missing the fluxbb_posts table, even though I changed much of it to Comments.

edit: once more: I forked it with my code if anyone wants to take a look at where I'm going wrong. Big source of potential confusion is the fact that both MyBB and FluxBB uses "posts" as a table, but Luna used "comments" instead

One more edit

Good news: I actually managed to make it work.

They also support PMs on Luna, which may be another thing to consider adding to the importer, but the posts appear to have imported in okay. The code on the repository reflects the code that I used to run the importer.

edit: okay, passwords don't seem to have been converted correctly. This may be good to poke at; 2.0 "now uses salts and SHA-512 to save passwords", though not all users (depending on how recently they used it) have a salt.

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