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Hello, i want to use MyBB at my new Project.

But i need a Plugin that Posts Feeds from:


Im allowd to post The Articles with a Link to the article.

but I'm not sure if it gives an appropriate plugin. It should work with MyBB 2.0.

at the mioment i want use mybb 1.8.x

i hope you can help me
Did you try this plugin already:

It is working with MyBB 1.8 but I can't guarantee whether it'll get updated for 2.0.
Ah okay, thank you. I found this plugin too but im was uncertain about that.

The last update is 2 yreas ago and i think at this time it where very well if the author give some security updates.

but i try Smile Thank you Smile

Okay it does not work like my plugin from wbb Sad

Is it possible to help me?

This Feed Poster Pots Only a Link but not the Conetent of the feed :/

Here is the Post:

i have all post importet from the main page bevore:

Here you see how the other Plugin work:

He go to the Link and take the content and post it.

I use this wbb Plugin, it was personlay codet / mod for me:

This special "addon" is for "go to page, search content and use it"

but the developer is no longer activ.

Is it possible to migrate it?

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