Specific forum sorting by specific order using prefixes
Is it possible to change the sorting of a specific forum using a plugin?

I have a sort of request forum and further to manage it I have several prefix like Open, Accepted, In Progress, etc...

I would like to be able to sort it in a specific way:

Accepted >  In Progress > Open > Rest

My problem is:
  • First I have no idea if its possible to do this sort of customization with a plugin alone(Yes, I know PHP fairly well and I know I could directly edit the core files but I would like to make this as a plugin that can be easily remove, disabled, etc...)
  • Second I believe the prefixes are not ordered as in the IDs so I am unsure how would I do this sorting and how would it affect the queries response or what would be the optimal way to follow for it
Would love some guidance specially on whether its possible to achieve this fully with a plugin or if I would have to edit the core files.

bump! Smile
xThreads allows you to sort forums using different fields.
Thanks for the answer, I will look into it to see if I can make own Wink

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