Not Solved [split] twitter login only & other help
Not Solved
Hi there,
i am going to  use bbpress for my upcoming forum but, i have some question if anyone can help i will be very thankful to him.
Make user register and login only through twitter.

And such users who logged in through twitter can post.

It will be even better if a thread is automatically added to the twitter page of the thread poster.

If will be even better if the replies to the thread are automatically added to the reply to that twitter post.

(Would it be even possible to automatically assign a twitter account for the user when he register for my forum? Because a user might find it boring to have to go through the process of creating twitter account)


Allow entire forum to be anonymous forum.

Thread-starter can write a link like "" and then the webpage screen frame of "" will appear inside the thread, or appear as the 1st reply to the thread
Not Solved
if you have decided to use bbpress then you should seek support at their community.

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