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Email List of users
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How can i find and collect all the emails list of users , 
and send them email ?

MYBB ( anyone know how to get and save emails from mybb admin panel or from filemanager ? )                         
I want to send email to every members but by using its manual feature ( mass mail sending ) that don't deliver to inbox and that's big problem for me , 

Someone can help will be pleasure 
( Tell me how to save all emails of members from cpanel and save it to text file so i can use 3rd party smtp ) 
or u can tell me how can i use it on mybb current settings 
any idea to deliver inbox emails to all members of a board.   Huh
The best way to do it for you could be something like MailGun. You can use the newsletter feature with MyBB.

A good read
any other option ?
to get all emails of members and use some smtp ?
^ see replies here

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