[Rejected] Whole post changed to "Click to edit" when post is too long after edit
I am trying to put an automated hierarchy on our forum, organised under multiple spoilers. I do this using a PHP post-call, fetching the info from an API nd putting it on the forum by editing the post. So basically, I have a short post to begin with, and then I edit this post and put a very long post in there. When I do so, all the text is gone and the post only says "Click to edit" (in plain text).
When I went a little over the limit, the text was simply cut off at the limit, which would be expected. But when I went even further, submitting a huge amount of text, it did this (removing all text and putting "Click to edit" in there), which doesn't make any sense to me.
The forum I am talking about is https://clwo.eu . I am not the owner of the server and therefore do not have full permission, however, I am a moderator on there, FYI.

Hope I have helped, If more info is needed, just let me know!
-Square Play'n
Posting the content would be helpful, but I belive this has alread been reported somewhere.

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