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I would like to hide a div if there has been something input into a custom user feild.

so i would like if a link is in the music field it shows the div containig the player on the member profile.

for example sake:


i only want the example to be shown if there is text entered in a custom user field.

this link is for an separate forum i was working on, the same code apply to 1.8
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Are you using 1.6 or 1.8? You will find no one will offer support for 1.6 ... as for "hide/show a div" your statement is a nightmare as a div is html code. I.e. <div class="cssscreatedclass"> <b>Example </b> </div>
(Havent coded html for ages so pardon my sloppiness)
Is the problem you are having that it is showing coded commands such as <div>? You will find that files need internal editing for such codes and simply creating a custom profile field with these command WILL cause complications


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