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Ok so this is really hard to explain....

First off I don't know the actual name for this. But when a moderation edits a post and has a message on the same post as the user... It's something you can edit so it says "Moderator Post" or something and basically it's a separate message from the moderator on the same post as the user. Just in a different like bubble.... Like in the picture provided below, at the end of that post a moderator could edit the post and but [edit][/edit] whatever the code it and type inside and the message would be on the same post but in a bubble.

Sorry for any confusing I just got home from the bar and adding some more features... Just highly confused on this and how to do....

Thank you,

[Image: 2yoq2z9.jpg]
Not Solved
Mod could go in to edit the post, and hit the quote button, then put his or her comments inside that...

Moderator Wrote:The result would be like this...

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