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MyBB Plugin Development
Still offering this service.
[Image: TExMo15.png]

Still offering these services.
[Image: TExMo15.png]

Just an idea, how much would it cost to make a newpoints plugin that deduct points if a member post a thread in a specific forum and deduct points for bumping threads in a specific forum.
just a noob.
Can gladly vouch for Paradigm. He's a really skilled developer & a trustworthy person.
Does the conversation plugin replace pms completely? Is it compatible with MyAlerts?

Also i am using shades flyover which sends a new pm to people who register with social networks and another one from zinga which sends pms to people who register by standard forum registeration, would this still work somehow?

Also what about pm notification like when you receive a group invitation, right now you get pm, would it just open a conversation instead?

Please explain how it works
Do you still sell this?
And if so what is the price.. I really need this haha

(06-24-2016, 02:53 PM)Sazze Wrote: I can personally vouch for Paradigm as I'm working with him.

Can i still get this plugin somewhere?
Oh hey I wanna buy this too it looks great Smile

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