Not Solved [How To?] Access to deleted threads (visible -2)?
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How can I access threads and their posts that have "visible -2"? You can't see them anywhere, you can't access them by tid ("The specified thread does not exist"), but they are still in database.

Am I missing something? I want to see them and delete permanent if they should be deleted.

Or should I just make query to delete them by hand? I can do this, but I wonder if there is normal way to do this.
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threads & posts having visible -2 field value are saved drafts.
they can be edited by their posters through user control panel

in general, I do not suggest removing the draft posts.
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That explains a lot.

I will still remove them, I doubt user is waiting for years to post his draft.

Drafts are not that useful feature. Not something every board is needed, more like thing from the past. Users actually are afraid and lost when they are messing with them. And power users use files to save their precious long messages.
We should have options to turn them off.

Yeah, they just hit wrong button.

I will remove button from template, problem solved.
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Is there a reason you are removing them from the database? A draft might use a few KB of Space (if that...) so storage isn't a good reason unless you have extremely limited resources for your site.
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I am using my scripts to manage threads and these threads got in the way. All of them are just users hitting wrong button (it is right next to "send").

I removed button from three templates (new thread, new post, edit post) and problem is gone.

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