[Pushed] Smilies https issue
I noticed when you place an https link in the "Image Path" under Configuration > Smilies > Add New Smilie, it displays a broken image in the smilies list of the AdminCP. It displays fine in the smilies section of the editor when making a new post and works fine when you use the smilie in a post.

In admin\modules\configsmilies.php on line 729 (and a few other places) it's doing a substring to detect if the image is a fully qualified URL or a relative path.
if(my_strpos($smilie['image'], "p://") || substr($smilie['image'], 0, 1) == "/")

It would be nice if that could also take in to account https URLs. IcyBoards uses https for all static resources which is required for https on the forum to work without showing an error. I was able to resolve it myself by changing the line to the following.
if(my_strpos($smilie['image'], "p://") || my_strpos($smilie['image'], "ps://") || substr($smilie['image'], 0, 1) == "/")

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Thanks, pushed and supplied with similar places: https://github.com/mybb/mybb/issues/2443
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Wow that was fast. Thanks Smile
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