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[For sale] - Shooter | TPS, FPS & Clan theme (with responsive support)
[Image: OacF6yA.png]

After my old client decided to bail out and delay with his payment i have decided to cut my loses and offer his theme to someone else.

Update: As of 7-21-2016 i have revamped this theme - new footer, header, profile layout, index, colorscheme and 4 styles.

- Desktop -
- Mobile -

I'll also include signature generator - Script that generates a image based on user text input and color choice, along with text stroke and background image (more images can be added, PSD included). GD library and FreeType library are required for this feature.
Sig generator -
Output -

Cost: 55 USD(ONE COPY ONLY - you'll get full rights on the theme [short: only you will own it])

Payment method(s): Paypal or bitcoins

Demo: Pm me for a demo

Other styles (right click and view image):
[Image: TYK03bg.png] [Image: kj5RTYg.png]
[Image: 31bOYu1.png] [Image: 2viDywj.png]

Old version (pre-revamp) -

Sold !!!!!!
The cost has been lowered and few new previews added, imgur album).
I'd recommend this theme to anyone who's a COD fan or just wants to give a shot at making an active or successful gaming forum. I've a client before with Johnny S and no doubt you'll get the best support from him. Grab this while it's on.
After revaluating the current state of previous theme version i have decided to a mayor revamp on the theme. New layout along with signature generator - a script that allows user to input a text, pick a color (text color and stroke color) and background image to generate his forum signature bar. The previews are added into first post (and theme has a new name, since COD is history).
--- The product is sold. this topic is closed on request. ---

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