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Happy to be of help Smile
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Quick question -- its adding a <br> to the spaces, instead of the text just going to the next line, and I'm not sure how to remove it?

[Image: 8c12c4921bf5bd2c53c0eca57aee991c.png]
[Image: a21f2b8eed78fbff22755d711ff5035d.png]

If I put a space between paragraphs in the input box, it double spaces on display.

I've gotten around it at the moment by using [br] code and not having any line breaks in the input box, but it would be lovely if that wasn't needed.


(I see i changed character names part way through. Oops)

Fixed it with the following code!

.classname br {
	display: none;
[Image: BloodTies.png]

[Image: Pern.png]
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Hi, I hope it's okay if I post my question here.
I used the Code joiSoi posted here to display parsed MyCode on the Member Profile and it worked great, thanks so much for this!  Smile

Now I want to display my Custom Fields on the Postbit as well, but MyCodes are not parsed. 

I changed this part in functions_posts.php
$post['fieldvalue'] = $parser->parse_message($post[$fieldfid], $field_parser_options);


$post['fieldvalue'] = $parser->parse_message($post[$fieldfid], $field_parser_options);
$parsedpost[$fieldfid] = $post['fieldvalue'];

which works, but only on Postbit. On Message Preview and Private Message, the $parsedpost['fidX']-variable is empty. Can you tell me what I need to add/change to make it display on Message Preview and Private Message as well? Any help would be greatly appreciated  Heart

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