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Not Solved User Profile
Not Solved
On the user profile it allows people to change there group them selves along with enter Skype names Yahoo ID's, I want to get rid of these as we don't want Skype IDs on the forum or people to change there group. 
It there away of editing this in Admin panel or is it done via PHP? 

Thank You in advance.
Not Solved
by default users cannot change their groups
unless there is something wrong with your groups settings.

for the other issue, see available options at below location
forum admin panel >> Configuration (Settings) >> Contact Details
Not Solved
Thanks I have done that, Thank You

Just want to delete the Section "Additional Contact Information" with ICQ Number / AIM Screen Name / Yahoo ID:
Not Solved
what is your forum url & which theme you are using ?
Not Solved
Just remove all the custom profile field options or take out the marker in the member profile template.

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