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Not Solved [General] Could Someone Look At My Site Please
Not Solved
Today Ashley and I were working on my forum banner. Well it was no success so that is not a deal . The problem is I reverted the templates and now I cannot get some of the colors are missing like my two favorites, dawn and night. Oh gosh its all messed up .. what can I do ?

Well because it is messed up I have to put another theme up but I want to use the default. How can I recover the default themes?

Not Solved
You can create the default theme using this way
ACP -> Templates & Style -> Themes -> Create New Theme -> set Parent Theme to MyBB Master Style and confirm
ACP -> Templates & Style -> Templates -> Add Set with any name and confirm

Then open the theme you created earlier and change the Template Set to the template set you created too.

This will recreate the default theme.
Not Solved

It's easy to revert the changes, i only made edits to color_night.css as you were using that theme, and left the original css between /* */ tags. If you want i can log in later to put them back.

I added the two missing stylesheets, you can just change your theme over when you are ready.
What goes around comes around
Not Solved
Oh thank you both!  Ashley thank you for adding the missing stylesheets..what happened to them? I did something but nothing to make them vanish LOL   I am not going to undo anything like move any of the configs..  Smile   Thanks again..Wally and Ashley1

I really appreciate all that you have done for me in helping my e-book forum Heart


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