[Rejected] {$thread['closed']} Returning wrong value for Infinite redirect closed threads
I am using 1.8.7 version of MyBB. I found a bug in case we are using the variable {$thread['closed']} in any template.
Basically in forumdisplay.php page, it gives a value of 1 when a thread is closed and no value when it is not closed (Ideally it should be 0). But this is not a big problem, but the main problem arises with a thread that is closed and is moved to a different forum with a infinite redirect link. It returns a value thread_closed_moved|15 which it should ideally be 0 or 1 to match above style.

My suggestion would be make it consistent for all threads.
How is this a bug? It's not saved accidentally like this.

And yes, it's a terrible example of database design, but it's too late to change in 1.8.x.

You can also easily overcome that with Template Conditionals.
Yes it is not a bug, I agree but it should be consistent. So it won't be possible to do improvements now for 1.8.x ?
I hope it should be corrected in 2.x series.

I really avoid using plugins in my forums.
Thanks for your response.
It should be consistent, yes. But it will not in the MyBB 1.x series.

DB structure redesign was planned for MyBB 2.0 so this should not be a issue then.

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