simple plugin that will write a there login name after they verify their emails.

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i have a plugin that users log in to the forums from 3rd party api which adds all there info and stuff but the emails are dead end and they cant stay up to date on there post thread and so on. so i have a plugins to force all users with  emails with to be changed and verified.
now i need a plugin after they verified there emails it writes there login name to a database table so i can use other plugins to scan and make sure there registered

alll emails  start with this

a full email looks like this
[email protected]

verified email don't have

once there email is not this it will write there login name to a database table
with there login name there username

everyones login names come from an api with numbers
that look like this

i run plugins to scan mybb database with this number and gives them stuff on the game servers

so if i find away to make a plugin do this it will -90% of my work so i can run all my plugins off one database table.

need asap


if someone can do in the next 10 hours ill pay 50 to 100 dollars

We can do this, please contact me through PM

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