Not Solved Merging from SMF. Issue with UTF8 / Users
Not Solved

I am currently trying to merge another forum from smf to mybb.
As per a suggestion here at the forums, I am doing the merge locally using xampp. Everything's good until I try to run the "Users" part.

I've realized that if I enable the option "Automatically convert messages to UTF8?" Users won't run. It gets stuck halfway. Trying to run the Posts will give me a "the page won't load" message. If I select "no" on the encode to utf8 option, everything works fine.

The problem is, if I don't convert all messages to UTF8 when transfering the database and forum to a live server it will give me a bunch of errors.

I've also tried to do this on a live server, converting everything to UTF8, and it all worked well without any issues. But that way a few posts and configs went missing.

I would really like to do the merge offline because all messages, users, everything is there.

Any help?
Is there maybe something on my computer stopping this from running well?

Thank you!  Rolleyes
Not Solved
No one knows? I mean, I know it's probably something to do with my laptop but I was hoping someone had run into this problem as well and would know how to solve it. <3

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