Not Solved [How To?] make edit just full edit (simple click)
Not Solved

Is it possible to change the edit from displaying a quick and full edit to taking the user to the editor with a simple click? The menu is blocked fromt he postbit ad
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Not Solved
postbit_edit template


<div id="edit_post_{$post['pid']}_popup" class="popup_menu" style="display: none;"><div class="popup_item_container"><a href="javascript:;" class="popup_item quick_edit_button" id="quick_edit_post_{$post['pid']}">{$lang->postbit_quick_edit}</a></div><div class="popup_item_container"><a href="editpost.php?pid={$post['pid']}" class="popup_item">{$lang->postbit_full_edit}</a></div></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
// <!--
if(use_xmlhttprequest == "1")
// -->
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