Marketplace plugin Available?
Does anybody know if there is a plugin already out there which can handle adverts on my forum?
So, if somebody wants to sell something, they can create an advert with a picture and description of the product?
Why not just create a forum dedicated to advertising? then they can make their own thread about their product.
I have that right now, but the look of a "market" is not there with the normal forum possibilities. (hard to explain in English, sorry)
Add prefixes?

[Image: akmzsd.png]
You can accomplish this with XThreads. I used it to create a forum that looked like this, for example:

[Image: g9wUi4h.png]
[Image: qqiXtam.png]

You can build totally custom templates for specified forums.
I'm gonna look further into this, I think this is exactly what I need, thank you very much!

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