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Help needed at Android Freaks
Who knows the old topic on mybb about Android Freaks?

We have been returned with a new owner and a few new features on the community, since it was that time a dutch/belgium community we changed our rules and set it to worldwide, this can help all the problems if you have issues with your android devices.
We support everything of Android, if there is not a sub forum please contact us.
Android Freaks is looking for Moderators, text writers (Upcoming Phones, Firmware, Play Store, News & Announcements) Super Moderators, Staff Team, Developers, Promotions (Like Vodafone, Sony these people are welcome aswell) , Artists, Designers
We dont know how to make our website better so if you are a mybb GURU or Expert, and you have the skills to help us we would be happy!
On the information page we will inform users who helped us on our website and we give you a promotion/link to your website.
Android Freaks is a android device forums wich helps users to find the right topics they need for their device. If you have questions just ask them on our forums and we will try to help you and find a solution to solve the problem.

Text Writers:

As a text writer it's important if you choose your section to write articles about android devices, firmware, play store, news & announcements, and put these articles in the right sections of the forums.
You as the text writer inform users from new information in the android world.

Super Moderators / Moderators:

We have a group of users who are really important to the forums, think of closing topics/subjects/threads and to moderate the forums so the forums will look clean.
Moderators at Android Freaks will give users the good information where they can post or find topics.
If you are not friendly or spamming keep in mind that the moderators will take a look on it and ban you temp or forever.
It's important for us that the moderators will take a look on each post and keep the forums clean of mess.

- Requirements:

- Posting Daily a minimum of 10 posts.

- Must be able to identify spammers, and to properly deal with them.
- Must be able to be friendly to regular members of the forum.
- Must be able to be sensible when giving out reminders and warnings.
- Must be willing to take advice on how to do things, if needed.

Staff Team:

You want to become in the staff team? Are you sure?
As staff team its important you talk with the owner of Android Freaks about the forums, features and its future.
You are all these ranks together, so think of this, it could be the hardest job and if you can handle this just sign up and maybe we will add you to the staff team.

We have a few requirements for the staff team:

- Be willing to post more than the requested minimum of 10 times a day.
- Must have the ability to lead staff, and know how to properly give advice to moderators when needed.
- Must be able to advertise wherever you can, to bring in members.
- If requested, be willing to participate in post exchanges to help the forum out.

Developers (Forums) :

Developers are users who are experts and guru's on mybb itself who can develop new features on the forums like plugins, code and HTML.
Our forum is just in the beginning state and we like to develope it more.

Artist (Forums) :
We always look for artists, think of the logo or images on forums like for example a christmas logo, easter logo, easter eggs things like that, always welcome.

Designers (Forums) :
We need designers aswell on Android Freaks, deigners who can make nice themes for Android users think of a female or male theme, maybe in the future that will be a cool feature.

What do we need from you:

What team you like to join:
Why do you want to join that team?:
Experience: (This helps us to know if we may need to help you out with the right team for you.)
Current Positions Held at Other Forums/Sites: (Please list all current positions.)

copy the text above and post it below if you like to join us

We are just looking for a active team at Android Freaks, hopefully you like to register on our forums:

Android Freaks
(CEO & Founder)
Good post, if I can be of assistance pm me or message me on skype.

Please do not PM me for support. I am looking to be hired for paid services.

You can view my paid services here.
All help is welcome Smile
Hey Wazzyl,
If you require services for Developers (Forums) and Designers (Forums) let me know, is it a paid spot ?
Skype : iWallBB

it's now for free but in the future i'll pay the jobs to people!

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