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[Rejected] A barebones 2.0 myBB Lite version?
myBB is a few generations old.  I remember when it used to come without all of the bells and whistles and it was much lighter and simpler to use.  Part of what I didn't like as much with going from 1.6 to 1.8 is that 1.8 had many new layers of add ons or tweaks making it more bloated.  No doubt 2.0 is going to be even bigger than 1.8 with new modifications.

How about creating a version of myBB Forum script without the fancy bells and whistles.  Like go for a myBB Lite version in addition to the standard larger one?  Then have it so people can get the bells and whistles plugins and mods separately by downloading them if they wanted to?
Sounds like you want a script other than MyBB, to be honest. Extensibility and customizations are kinda the core value of MyBB.

Plus, MyBB has very few of what I'd call "bells and whistles", and the direction of 2.0 seems very focused on making an extremely polished and stable yet "simple" core. I doubt that the team would spread themselves thinner making yet another version.
Won't happen. Not enough time or resources to dedicate to yet another piece of software.

MyBB 2.0 will be as light as possible while still being modern and usable. MyBB has always been against adding features for the sake of adding features. I can't think of many additions to 1.8 which would make it feel bloated.
No longer involved in the MyBB project.
There are other alternatives out there for basic forum software; and all basic forum software is so basic that it's all the same thing anyway. I like the idea and see where you are coming from but it just wouldn't ever happen I'm afraid as a free/volunteer project
MyBB Extras = Nope.
There's almost no chance of this happening for the reasons already stated. 2.0 will already be lightweight, but within the context of providing a modern discussion platform. If a feature is wanted by a large number of users, and it's clear that it benefits the administration process, discussion, or things like that, then there's a good shot we'll build those things in, but catering to everyone's needs (super barebones or give-me-ALL-the-features alike) isn't something that's going to be sustainable for us in the long run.
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Your MyBB 2.0 suggestion has unfortunately been rejected. Your suggestion does not fit with the direction that MyBB is heading in as a project at this time.

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