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Consecutive posts
Trying to find out what happens with consecutive posts/replies by the same author.
On our system the reply gets merged with the initial post.

This is the reply ...

And this is a quick reply

This looks as if I'm editing/updating the initial post. It is NOT what I want.

Selected linear mode ...

Selected threaded mode ...
^ there is a setting to disable merging of consecutive posts by same user !
Not merging consecutive postsĀ used to be the default one month ago (July 11).
Some settings must have been changed somewhere.
^ in general, consecutive posts by normal members (non-Staff) posted in a specific time period are merged.
How can I disable this merge "feature"?
^ admin panel >> configuration >> Settings >> Posting >>
* Post Merge Time --> may be set to 0 (zero)
* Merge Forums to Ignore --> use if required
* Merge User Groups to Ignore --> use as required
OK. Thanks. I'll tell the admin guys.

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