Not Solved Jamps red black Login sees old template
Not Solved
Hope someone can help with this issue.
I Am still assuming this is a cache problem as originally had to change cache path in forum setting just to allow Chrome users to register.

i installed the jamps gamerzone red black template and running into issues now

when i load the forum i see the new Template.
When i log in on Firefox, i see the Old template.
Cleared all cache in browser and the same results.

Chrome. Same issue. for some users. even clearing cache in browser dont seem to help.
Aslo some users reporting Portal they see the jamps template and Forum the Old template.

Cache on forum settings is / as it is sitting in the root of its own subdomain.

Dont see anywhere to Log OUT of the jamps template either to switch users.

Any help at all much appreciated
Not Solved
fixed. myself

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