Community testing of Discord

As you may know MyBB has for a while had a IRC channel for members to chat but it hasn't been very active. Over the past few weeks we have been discussing ways to interact with the members more and improve engagement between the team and the community. We are going to be testing out Discord to possibly replace the IRC channel. We are also looking to be more open with the community regarding our plans.

You can join the team on Discord here:

Please post any feedback in this thread!

Please do not PM me for support. I am looking to be hired for paid services.

You can view my paid services here.
Hey Ben.
Test the discord app...

No hay nada... parece un desierto... aunque comparto mucho tus opiniones... por eejemplome gustaría presentar una opinión:

Porque no agregar un foro soporte cualquier idioma?

-foro soporte cualquier idioma:

Así cualquier persona podrá escribir en ese foro y dar  o pedir su ayuda... es sólo una opinión que me imagino han debatido miles de veces y sólo es soporte en inglés!  Una lástima, deberían ser más abiertos a las diferentes comunidades que necesiten una orientación de la propia 

Its just a opinión...

I hope the best For the community...
It's empty because you're looking at your friends list. Press the menu icon.
(2016-08-23, 06:35 PM)brad-t Wrote: It's empty because you're looking at your friends list. Press the menu icon.

You have right, now can see the menú.
Its good  Cool
Discord is amazing, I am liking this change Smile
iam not into any kind of live chat, expet for LC support lol..but looks like an interesting setup Smile
Sup bro
Been awhile since using MYBB.

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