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[Duplicate 2.0 Suggestion] Custom Pages
I would suggest the MyBB Dev team to add a custom pages option in the ACP menu.
With this option, forum owners would be able to create custom webpages, under the MyBB root installation directory such as a donations page, etc.

Thank you,
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Something like that has been suggested and discussed before.

[Discussion] Page Management System
Yep, as above there is an ongoing discussion going on. At this point, the poll is overwhelmingly positive, so I'll probably accept it soon.

Your suggestion has been marked as a duplicate suggestion. This may be because your suggestion has already been implemented or is already a planned feature.
Question for anybody who can tell me?

i made a custom page and there is a "?" right after the the url, that is when i go to whoseoline

it says Unknown Location, is that good or bad?
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