Hide Content Until Reply
Hi there,
I am looking for the plugin that hides content until you reply

I Can't seem to find a working link

There is no working one right now of that mod for free. But similiars are available on extends area here.

Anyway you can buy it that mod here.


That version is up to date and working on latest mybb versions fixing all issues knowed. You only have to buy once and all updates and downloads as your use on your forums only, not friends or any. If you are the boss on that and you pay for the domain then you can use it on many sites you want from your authority.

All users know this mod is the most usefull and working version and all are really happy to use it.

But you can use some free ones and they do the same, but you have to use 3 at least to do what this mod do.
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Plugins 1.6.x

Plugins 1.8.x

@Dark Neo
Thanks a lot
I am looking forward to buyng it

@Dark Neo
Theres a problem
I dont have a credit card on my paypal
so when I try purcasing the product it wont let me without inputting credit card details

Any help ?

i cant find even a free one
im looking for something use hide tags only
The Advanced Hide Mod 2.0 plugin can hide content until reply, until minimum referrals, minimum registration date and so on.
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