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I have a question, how i can get the group image under avatar at posts? 
Like this:
My website is:

Please help me,
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On your forum there aren't even group images and i am not sure which theme you are using in the image.

But if you are using the default template, try this:
Go to templates -> postbit or postbit classic (depends on which look you use)
and fine {$post['groupimage']}

take that and put it below {$post['useravatar']}

p.s. this thread should be at mybb 1.8 general support
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Actually i have group images, look my template is 1point8
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admin panel >> users & groups >> groups >> click on a group to edit >> General --> Group Image
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No man i dont mean that, i just wanna see what group images people have when i read posts, at the moment i cant see it if i read posts.

Look, this user has administrator gourp image but when i read post i cant see it.

Sorry for my bad English, help me please. Smile
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This thread should be under theme support. {$post['groupimage']} appears by default in postbit and postbit_classic templates.
What goes around comes around
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i don't understand with your question
maybe other member or staff can help you

i think like this
[Image: 1234?async&rand=0.7308088282255387]

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