Weekly 5/5 Post Exchange Request for Anime, Games, or other Geek Topics?
Hi all, I hope this is okay to post here. I'm looking to do a forum traffic exchange with other forums in my niche. My forums are at www.GeekySweetie.com/forums and they cover a wide range of topics from anime, gaming, kawaii fashion/cosplay, Kdrama, Technology, Scifi books/movies, etc.

If your forum is also in a similar niche, I'd like to propose a weekly 5/5 post exchange, in which both new topics and replies to existing topics count towards the total. So I'd post a minimum of 5 or more posts on your forum each week, and you'd return the favor back on mine each week. You may also include a banner or link to your own forum in your signature when posting on my forums which will help build backlinks for you Smile I'd like to request to do the same as well.

If interested please reply here or send me a PM. Please do not start the traffic exchange until I have approved and agreed to exchange with you.

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