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Not Solved [General] Website not working
Not Solved
I've purchased webhosting, a domain and set up my website. It was running fine for around 2 weeks however i go on it today and it's not working.

I have 2 types of connection to the server

http://185.38.***.***/~blackja1/ (for security purpose)

When i try go onto the site i get this

[Image: a19c388d90e2b94dace10e62ee68c2de.png]

I haven't touched any of the files so i'm very confused.
Not Solved
when I go I get this: Not supported

When you uploaded did you set up your config. and mod everything correctly? Did you place the site in a folder instead of directly to the www. ?

your domain is registered so that is not it.. did you check with your webhost? Mine had some issues until they placed an additional php condition file.

Not Solved
You'll need to ask your host, this isn't a message being generated by MyBB.
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