Not Solved [How To?] Blank Index Pages After Migration
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Hey Guys,

I host a bunch of MyBB forums, and I've just about managed to migrate them all to a new host/VPS server. Most of my migrations went off without a hitch (thank god) but 3 or so of the sites I host now have blank index pages. That is to say;

The main index page ( is blank but the site is fully functional when you navigate to 

I have checked the article on the subject and tried reuploading my index page, renaming the hta access file, reloading the theme.xml file but nothing has worked thusfar. 

For and example see:

Username: test account
password: orangeslices

I've tried reuploading the database and reinstalling a fresh copy of MyBB without success.

Could it be the PHP version update? My previous host had PHP version while my new host has 4.6.2. But in this case why haven't all my hostees had issues migrating?

It could have been the version of MyBB they are running, but as you can see from the example, it has the latest version. 

I don't know why the index page would be blank either because when I open the index.php pages I uploaded in dreamweaver, each of them have content.

Any ideas? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Have you checked the error.log? Also, try deactivate plugins if you have any running
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Sorry it took me so long to reply! Gosh.

I checked my error log file but there's nothing logged after September 2015.
Tried de-activating all plugins, and nothing changed.

Thanks for your input!

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