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Hi, I have some more questions. How do I:

1: Bridge a WordPress website and MyBB website? I know there are some plugins for that, but I want to know which one is the best and if the banners and all will be the same, and the comments for the website will be made by the MyBB forum account. (And the banners and menus will be the same for the websites, like the menus at the top of this forum....)

2: Take a MyBB installation and migrate it from a subdomain ( to a folder in a domain ( Is this possible?

Glad if anyone can help me!  Heart Smile
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I don't know about question 1 I'm afraid, but for 2, you'll need to change your Board URL setting (, and your cookie path (/forum/), then, if you need to, move the files on your server to wherever they need to go.

Old links posted in threads would then not work, however, so you may want to set up a 301 redirect in your htaccess file.
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