Templates on Github?
I wonder how and where the templates are submitted onto the Github site.
Problem is, I am working on some modification of MyBB to allow reddit style threads.
For this a few templates had to be created.

Where do I put these?
Templates are stored in the database and imported from a theme XML file (and you can export your theme XML file from the ACP). For example, the MyBB default theme has this XML file. So when we change templates in the default theme, we modify the bit of the file that has the relevant template and update the version number of the template so it gets updated upon upgrading.
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Read this article about using github
Bascially your just checkout MyBB templates and do your commits, it will get saved in github.
I will suggest using desktop client of github as it is very simple to use.
Templates are actually stored within your database however you will be able to export your XML and host it on github.
[Image: TExMo15.png]

Thank you all for the info!
Will have to explore the XML and what it contains.
Good that I haven't yet added plugins or themes, as such would make very difficult for the staff to find the actual modifications I made Smile

@WallBB: Your Focus Theme looks very nice, judging from the screenshots. Will clone my MyBB when I finished my threaded view project and try out the theme the next days
(2016-09-14, 01:44 AM)Schrotti Wrote: I wonder how and where the templates are submitted onto the Github site.

mybb/install/resources/mybb_theme.xml *adds the css and templates to the default theme
mybb/install/resources/mybb_theme_colors.xml *adds all of the "colorname_color.css" to the default theme

Download/Install package:
Upload/install/resources/mybb_theme.xml *adds the css and templates to the default theme
Upload/install/resources/mybb_theme_colors.xml *adds all of the "colorname_color.css" to the default theme

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