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Hi, i am a newbie here but been working on a site using the flatty theme for a while. This morning I tried to change the forum site to another folder on the server as I wanted to put some general web pages where the forum sits. i changed the cookie path etc ad all worked OK but then kept getting problems like needing to change chmod permissions. So, I re-uploaded all of the same saved files into their original location but now I can't login at all. The rest of the site works perfectly fine.

The site is

It used to be just but I now have an HTML file in there which is a landing page.

I get an error message when logging in that the password does not match so I have obtained new passwords but then I have to fill in the image verification and this too fails. I seem to have made it so all users cannot login now although all my original files and settings are in the same place/configuration.

Could anyone cast a light on this please?
Thanks a lot
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Are you sure you haven't done anything to the database? What you've described you've done wouldn't cause passowrds to be incorrect.
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As far as now, I haven't touched the database but there is a possibility that I could have accidentally deleted something when upload/downloading and deleting files on the server. I have been using cPanel and Fetch FTP for that task. I have somehow managed to double-up the files on two folders though and can' delete one of them.

Everything else on the forum seems to work OK and it recognises different users but just won't let them log in. If I have deleted the database, what could I do?
Thanks again

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