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Not Solved purge spammer question
Not Solved
On the purge spammer button options there is nothing stating about whether you can choose to ban the IP address. Does it ban the IP address if you either ban the user and or delete the user? 
Why would you ban them when you can delete them? And if it only bans the IP address when you ban the user, does that mean if you delete the user, they can reregister?
The purge spammer options are not quite clear about that. The Goodbye Spammer mod had a long list of checkboxes that you could easily tell what was being done.
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you can settings purge spammer (ban permanent or delete)

ACP --> configuration --> boards settings --> purge spammer
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Thats not what i was asking. I knwo where the settings are for purge spammer. And there is nothing in there regarding IP addresses.
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(09-18-2016, 10:43 PM)metulburr Wrote: Why would you ban them when you can delete them? 

i don't know what is your question, maybe other member or mybb staff can answer your question.

but purge spammer is very important for me. why???

i can't access my admin control panel every where
only IP address (thats allowed) can access admin control panel

so if any spammer and i can't access my ACP (login in other computer)
i just click purge spammer and then i can delete that user next time

note: this is my condition
Not Solved
In ACP the purge spammer option allows you to choose between deleting the user and banning the user. I wa asking why would you choose ban with tth purge spammer rather than delete with the purge spammer. The purge spammer options have the option to delete the use upon selecting. I guess yours is set to ban the user isntead.
Not Solved
this is Purge Spammer issues

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