Not Solved [SOLVED] make signature distinct from post
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Is there a way to make the signature distinct from the post? The default layout of MyBB makes it hard to tell where the post ends and the signature begins.  Both backgrounds are white, and the only thing that tells you that its the start of the signature is a faded hr line. Sometimes i mistake the signature for the post. 

I was looking for something either like a thicker hr line, or slightly darken the signature background ,etc.

And googling around, i am having trouble finding this due to "signature" and "MyBB" sparking things that are irrelevant
Not Solved
In your global.css, add the following code
.post_content .signature {
   background: #777;
You can change the #777 to anything you want to make it distinguish from the color of your forum theme.

Not Solved
thank you

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