Discuss: MyBB Group launches new MyBB website
handeyman Wrote:Like the design a lot, not liking the lego thing.

Can anyone provide some justification for not liking the "Lego thing"? So perhaps we knew why people are "not liking the lego thing"?
I like the design and, contradicting what others say, the Lego thing isn't bad, I think it is quite neat actually. Smile
My Site - My Forum - MyBB
[Image: madmike360.png]
By "Lego" do you mean the header image?
[Image: MK1lK.png]
Uh-huh. I do mean the header image.
My Site - My Forum - MyBB
[Image: madmike360.png]
I like it I was going to go look for the Mybb site,, on a scale of 1 to 10 it gets a 9 from me and the lego thing is what ever the owner wants so it has to look good to him so it should not be a problem with any bode else,, now we could use some of the smiles at least on my forum
The forums feels left out from the new design
Bless Wrote:The forums feels left out from the new design

The forum design will be upgraded too. But not at this moment.
We have it on our list for MyBB 2.0. Smile
When is a HOME link going to be added to the forums?
It is. In the footer. "Contact Us | MyBB"
Very nice Smile
( in FireFox this look better than in IE6 )

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