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[For 1.8] Google SEO 1.8.3
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(09-02-2019, 05:11 AM)makpaolo Wrote: How can I embed the Google SEO User URL link in the welcomeblock_member? At the moment, it will redirect to the default member profile URL, however, not the Google SEO url I want it to be.

usually this problem lies with custom templates that hardcode member.php?$uid instead of using MyBB's own variables

well, in the welcome block it's part of $lang->welcome_back

so you can use {$lang->welcome_back} and edit the language string if you want it to look different

if there is no usable variable you have to find a way (custom hook) to make one yourself. you can get the correct URL by calling the get_*_link() functions from inc/functions.php

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